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My name is Cindy. My family and I created Sugar Maple Trading Company from a desire to strengthen families through the daily habit of celebration and meaningful gift giving. 


In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Concerns about preserving time and strengthening family connections occupied my thoughts, and I sought ways to make the days last. I began practicing mindfulness--celebrating the everyday moments of my life. 

The true "aha!" moment came for me when I reached into my grandmother's amber glass candy dish to get a piece of Swedish Fish for my granddaughter. A memory of sharing the same candy with my grandmother flashed through my mind, and I realized that the candy dish not only held candy but cherished memories as well. I felt the power tangible objects can have in our lives, especially when they are connected with meaning.

The pressure to find the perfect gift is stressful. We created the Gift Inspiration Tool to simplify the gift hunt and to help you easily find the right gifts to give. Without stress gift giving is fun and you will feel confident the gifts you give will be joyfully received.

Here's to daily celebrations and stress free gift giving!

Cindy :)

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Do You Want to Create A Year of Thoughtful Gift Giving?

Download our free resource, "Create The Most Thoughtful Year Ever in 3 Easy Steps"

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