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Bunny Napkin Folding Tutorial: Easy Easter DIY

It's that wonderful season of rebirth and celebrations! Easter is one of our family's favorite holidays. The beautiful spring flowers, weather and inspirational messages give us ample time to gather as a family and discuss what is stirring in our hearts.

My grandkids love to come in the house and see the decorations for whatever we are celebrating that day. Our decorations are usually a mix of new and handmade, scattered in with old favorites. Sounds a little like Sugar Maple, itself. My 7 year old grandson, Noah, is particularly obsessed with rabbits so we had to come up with the perfect little folded napkin bunny to surprise the kids with at Easter dinner. This tutorial is a very simple DIY with items you probably already have on hand! It's adorable and a great way to add a fun surprise at the dinner table.

What you will need to DIY your own folded bunny napkin:

-A decorative napkin (We used these)

-A solid color napkin for contrast (We used #vintage ones)

-Easter egg (Filled, empty, plastic, real, paper, the sky is the limit!)

-Raffia or ribbon to tie


Making Your Bunny Napkin:

Step 1. Start by laying your patterned napkin with the right side, face down on a table. Next, layer your solid color napkin on top with the right side facing up. Then, fold the side corners of both napkins into meet in the middle. This is the foundation of your bunny. Try your best to keep the two napkins lined up as it will make the next steps easier.

Step 2. Begin rolling one side of your folded napkins to meet the center. Do the same on the other side. You should have a long set of rolled tubes now touching. Try to keep them together as best you can but don't worry, it will still come out adorable.

Step 3. Place your easter egg in the center of your rolled up napkin. Gently fold the napkin in half around the egg to form the bunny's head and ears. Tightly tie a bow just above the top of the egg to hold everything in place. We used raffia for a spring look but imagine a

beautiful ribbon or even bakers twine. Whatever you have on hand is perfect. (TIP: If your fabric is slippery and you find it difficult to keep things in place while tying your bow, use a tiny, clear plastic rubber hair band and tie the bow over the top.)

Step 4. You are done! Adjust the napkins so the colors are showing the way you want and now you're ready for a fun and festive dinner. This is a great activity to do with the littles in your life. We hope you find lots of reasons to celebrate this spring! Check out our finished table below for inspiration of your own.

If you use this tutorial, we would love to see how yours turned out! You can tag on Facebook or Instagram @sugarmapletradingco.

This pretty table is laid our with our matching gingham runner and napkins, mixed vintage china and dishes and lots of delicious chocolate treats. You can find the links to the products used below!

Items in our vintage collection are always changing. See what's online here.

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