Limelight Prime® Panicle Hydrangea - Hydrangea paniculata

Limelight Prime® Panicle Hydrangea - Hydrangea paniculata


The next generation of 'Limelight' is here! Introducing Limelight Prime® hydrangea.In a very short time, Limelight hydrangea became one of the most popular plants ever - but that doesn't mean that there wasn't room for improvement. So we've spent years developing this new selection that does everything better than the original, from bud to bloom and beyond.


Here's how Limelight Prime hydrangea is different:

    ◦    blooms much earlier, creating a longer display. This is especially valuable in colder climates, where 'Limelight' might not bloom until late August.

    ◦    bolder, brighter color. As the green blooms age, they develop pink and red tones that are far more vivid and showy than conventional panicle hydrangeas.

    ◦    stronger stems. Though strong stems is a crucially important factor in the panicle hydrangeas we select for Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs, you can count on Limelight Prime to hold its big blooms up all summer long.

    ◦    useful smaller size. Limelight Prime reaches a very garden- and landscape-friendly 4-6'/1.2-1.8m tall and 4-5'/1.2-1.5m wide. 


What's the same? You can count on Limelight Prime hydrangea to produce dozens of big, beautiful, mophead blooms every year, even in cold climates. It also makes a fantastic cut flower, both fresh and dried. And it's still one of the easiest to grow, most rewarding hydrangeas you can plant.


Long Blooming

Fall Interest

Deadheading Not Necessary



Plant Type:  Shrub

Shrub Type:  Deciduous

Height Category:  Medium

Garden Height:  48 - 72 Inches

Spacing:  48 - 60 Inches

Spread:  48 - 60 Inches

Flower Colors:  Green

Flower Colors:  Pink

Flower Colors:  Red

Flower Shade:  Green, turning bright pink and red shades in fall

Foliage Colors:  Green

Foliage Shade:  Green

Habit:  Upright

Container Role:  Thriller



Light Requirement:  Part Sun to Sun

Light Requirement:  Sun

Maintenance Category:  Easy

Blooms On:  New Wood

Bloom Time:  Early Summer

Bloom Time:  Mid Summer

Bloom Time:  Late Summer

Hardiness Zones:  3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b

Water Category:  Average

Needs Good Drainage

Soil Fertility Requirement:  Average Soil

Soil PH Category:  Acidic Soil

Soil PH Category:  Alkaline Soil

Soil PH Category:  Neutral Soil


Uses:  Border Plant

Uses:  Container

Uses:  Cut Flower

Uses:  Dried Flower

Uses:  Good for Screening

Uses:  Landscape

Uses:  Mass Planting

Uses:  Specimen or Focal Point

Uses Notes:  Limelight Prime hydrangea is an excellent choice for a commanding specimen or flowering hedge. It's also nice as a backdrop for a garden, or as the centerpiece of a perennial or flower garden.


Maintenance Notes:  Prune by cutting back the main branches by one-third in late winter or early spring. You may also prune in late fall, once it has gone completely dormant, if desired - you'll find more information in our Ultimate Guide to Panicle Hydrangeas. Panicle hydrangeas require well-drained soil. As such, we do not recommend amending the soil when you plant them, as explained here. Fertilize in early spring (just as the ground begins to thaw in cold climates) if desired, using a granular rose fertilizer. You may fertilize monthly through late July for more rapid growth, but this is not necessary for a healthy, abundantly-blooming plant.


Plant comes in Quick Turn quart size