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English Lavender Votive Candle

English Lavender Votive Candle


Root's 20 Hour Beeswax Blend Votives produce a long-lasting 20 hour burn with a rich sensory experience. From their all-natural beeswax blend, and fragrances containing essential oils, to natural fiber wicks that are braided on-site, each Root Candle is crafted with perfection using only the purest of ingredients to bring you a candle burning experience unlike any other. Be sure to burn your 20 Hour Beeswax Blend Votive in the proper glass container for optimum burn. These 20 Hour Beeswax Blend Votives are made to liquefy.

Scent: An earthy, true lavender essence of a newly blossomed lavender plant...clean, green, sharp blue lavender softened by chamomile, thyme and sheer musk.


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